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Associate Member
A person interested in the total field of rehabilitation but ineligible for Registered membership.

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Student Member
A student enrolled in a CAAHEP accredited college or university majoring in Kinesiotherapy or a student of a Center of Excellence Kinesiotherapy Program.

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Bridge Member
Be a new graduate of CAAHEP accredited Kinesiotherapy program/Center of Excellence Kinesiotherapy Program.
A student member of the association for a period of not less than one year immediately proceeding graduation. Be a new graduate recently passing the registration exam.

Registered Member
Reserved solely for Registered Kinesiotherapists as designated by guidelines set forth by Council on Professional Standards for Kinesiotherapy.
Become a Registered Kinesiotherapist

Any company interested in promoting the profession of Kinesiotherapy, or any rehabilitation-related activities or equipment.
Will be entitled to a free 1/4-page advertisement in each issue of MOBILITY.
Will receive a 1-year subscription to MOBILITY.
Be entitled to utilize the Association’s mailing list one time for one year.
Is not a voting member.

Other allied health organizations interested in supporting the profession of Kinesiotherapy.
Will receive a 1-year subscription to MOBILITY.
Will receive a membership rate to AKTA-sponsored educational opportunities during the membership year.
Is not a voting member.

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