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“I have had the pleasure of working with Kinesiotherapists at all levels, from the VA system to private industry. I have found Kinesiotherapists to be very capable and qualified to competently perform all aspects of rehabilitation. They have shown considerable compassion towards my patients and provided a much needed education of the rehabilitation process.”

Thomas Sturdavant, M.D.
Rehabilitation Solutions

“Kinesiotherapists are an extremely valuable resource in the VA. They provide a variety of essential services, which enhance the quality of life of our veteran patients. Through their expertise in assessment and treatment they promote improved function, overall health and conditioning.

Dr. Barbar Sigford, M.D.
National Representative for the Veterans
Affairs Central Office PM&RS Advisory Board

“Having an exercise physiology background makes kinesiotherapists (KT) well suited for additional sub-specialization in many areas. We have KTs who provide cardiac and pulmonary rehab, aquatic therapy, driver training, and functional capacity evaluations. The versatile nature of kinesiotherapists makes them well suited for interdisciplinary patient care.”

Timothy Silver, M.D.
Chief of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
H.H. McGuire Veterans Affairs Hospital
Richmond, Virginia