Recognized Specialists

Approved by COPS KT
The clinical specialization program is a means to formally recognize the Registered Kinesiotherapist who has built upon his or her foundational professional education, as established in the Kinesiotherapy Scope of Practice. By obtaining additional training and credentials in approved specialty certifications and certifying bodies, COPSKT recognizes the below individuals who have attained an advanced level of knowledge and skill in each specialty area.
Amputee Specialist
Britani Clark #1833 Up for Review 07/29/20
Richard Smithdeal #1374 Up for Review: 04/03/20
Assistive Technology Specialist
Dave M. Fairley Registry # 1681 Up for Review: 8/21/19
Cardiac Rehabilitation Specialist
Cadeidra Green #1909 Up for Review:: 09/14/20
Donald Howard #727 Up for Review: 07/03/19
Drivers Rehabilitation Specialist
Joseph S Neczek #1457 Up for Review: 06/05/19
Shirley Parker #1384  Up for Review: 01/08/20
Ergonomic Evaluation Specialist
Jon Kabance Registry # 1554  Up for Review: 4/21/17
Health Coach Specialist
Gail Ausburn Registry #1484 Up for Review: 8/31/18
Orthopedic Specialist
Rodney Hare #1217 Up for Review: 12/01/19
Weight Management Specialist
Derrick Mason Registry #1906 Up for Review:01/19/19
DelShaun McRae Registry #1877 Up for Review: 12/11/2019