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About our training programs

The PWR!4LIFE®) model requires a focus on early referral to a multidisciplinary specialized rehab team; and the application of neuoroplasticity principled exercise essentials. The essential principles are supported by the new 2016 European Parkinson Guidelines and involve the training of progressive aerobics and PD-specific functional skill training (PWR!Moves).  In addition, the model advocates for access to personalized coaching and wellness education to empower individuals to overcome non-motor symptoms, stress, and the inactivity that interferes with physical capacity, participation, and quality of life.

We offer two entry-level training programs.

Participants in both workshops learn how to implement progressive aerobics exercise and PD-specific skill training using PWR!Moves® for people of varying disease severity, but with a different focus on 1:1 (PWR! Therapist) or group instruction (PWR! Instructor).

The goal of training is to integrate medical/rehabilitation goals with community-based exercise and wellness programs such that Individuals cycle back and forth between PD-specific rehab and community exercise and wellness programs – for LIFE.  This continuum of care requires partnerships and coordination between therapists and community group instructors and it is the type of model necessary to put off motor deterioration and slow disease progression.


Both the PWR Instructor or PWR Therapist Course have been pre-approved for 1.5 CEU’s or 15 contact hours