Continuing Competency Board of Kinesiotherapy (CCBKT)

Policies and Procedures for the Continuing Competency Board

Registration applications are sent out annually in May via e-mail. Proof of education, application, and fees are required annually to continue registration.  A late fee of $50.00 will be charged if dues and/or education units are received after June 15th of each year.

Education Requirements

Twelve contact hours or 1.2 CEU’s are required annually. One contact hour is equivalent to .1 CEU’s.

All continuing education activities must relate to the Scope of Practice for Kinesiotherapy. Examples of acceptable continuing education credit are:

  1. Conference, Workshop, Seminar, Lecture, etc. (Must be related to the Kinesiotherapy Scope of Practice.) Continuing education credits must be indicated on certificate of attendence. This includes all pre-approved Conferences or vendor related coursework
  2. College Level Coursework – (Must be related to the Scope of Practice for Kinesiotherapy.) Coursework must not parallel other classes taken.
  3. Research Projects – Variable credit up to a maximum 1.2 CEU’s for publication in a refereed journal. (Submit reprint or abstract and journal reference)
  4. Publications – Variable credit up to 1.2 CEU’s awarded for publication of books, articles and abstracts. (Submit copies for review)
  5. Performing Lectures, Seminars – Variable credit given up to 1.2 CEU’s per lecture/seminar, preparation year only. (Submit course outline, time frame and course objectives)

***Note: The CCBKT requires that 1.2 CEU’s be submitted annually to be in “good standing”. One continuing education unit (CEU) represents ten contact hours of participation in an organized educational experience under accountable sponsorship, capable direction, and qualified instruction. A copy of the course completion certificate or CEU award certificate prepared and authenticated by the sponsoring agency is required to verify the pertinence and value of the activity. If an individual has a question regarding the validity of a course in any of these areas, please contact this office prior to taking the course. The CCBKT will not accept CPR education units, or coursework unrelated to the Kinesiotherapy Scope of Practice.

Those requesting pre-approval of seminars, conferences or workshops, must submit a formal request within 30 days of Conference date.

The following must be submitted to the CCBKT for approval:

  1. Course objective
  2. Course outline including time frame, content and instructor credentials

The CCBKT will make every attempt to provide pre-approved continuing education. Advertisement for pre-approved coursework will be published in Mobility and on the AKTA website.

Certificate of Good Standing

A certificate of good standing is availiable upon confirmation of payment and appropriate CEU’s. Probationary status will be assigned to individuals who do not meet the above deadline.

It is the sole responsibility of the individual RKT to report contact information to the AKTA national office. The CCBKT will not be held responsible for information that can not be forwarded to individuals who do not maintain his or her current contact information with this office.

Requests for review of a decision must be addressed to:

Bridget Collins
Phone: 1- 800-296-2582

Updated: 03.07.19