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Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training

blomberg_logoBlomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, (BRMT) is a neuro-developmental kinesiology program that uses primitive reflex integration techniques to address physical symptoms of unintegrated reflexes.  These symptoms can be observed in postural imbalance or improper muscle tone which can affect strength, posture, muscle tone, ROM, and mobility.

When addressing the cause of a physical condition, by addressing active or undeveloped reflexes, you can get rapid results because the vestibular, proprioceptive and tactile sensory input from the gentle isometric and rocking movements creates neurological change.  This cuts down the time it takes to achieve results.  People can do this at home to continue improvements.  No equipment needed.  Takes 1-2 minutes a day to do at home or in your appointment. People experience tension release, pain resolution, postural changes, ease of movement and increased flexibility and range of motion, relaxation, sleep, digestion and respiration improvements.  One experiential BRMT course gets you started on a paradigm shift to treating your clients.

These courses are experiential.  You will learn to test for, notice and integrate reflexes as you give and receive the movements and gentle isometric integrations.  You leave feeling relaxed.

Available courses for CEUs include:

  • Level 1:  RMT and Primitive Reflexes
  • Level 2:  RMT, The Limbic System, Emotions and Inner Healing
  • Level 3:  RMT Dyslexia, Vision, Writing and Reflexes
  • Pain Resolution
  • Diet for Chronic Inflammation and Detoxification

All courses are 2 days, 16 hours both online and in-person

Visit www.brmtusa.com for more information.