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Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training

Blomberg Rhythmic Movement Training

blomberg_logoBlomberg Rhythmic Movement Training, (BRMT) is the original work of Harald Blomberg, MD.  This neuro-developmental kinesiology program matures the brain and integrates primitive reflexes using specific innate movement patterns and gentle isometric integration techniques.  This holistic approach to healing includes a course on diet and supplements, and one for adults with pain due to unintegrated reflexes and courses that  introduce games and activities for groups of children.

These courses are experiential.  You will give and receive all the movements yourself and integrate your own reflexes along the way.  Common experiences in class include release of spinal fixations, pain reduction, improved sleep, reduced anxiety and stress…and more.

Available courses for CEUs  include:

  • Level 1:  RMT and Primitive Reflexes
  • Level 2:  RMT, The Limbic System, Emotions and Inner Healing
  • Level 3:  RMT Dyslexia, Vision and Reflexes
  • Pain Management Part 1
  • Pain Management Part 2
  • Exceptional Children Part 1
  • Exceptional Children Part

All courses are 2 days, 14-16 hours depending on the course.

Visit www.brmtusa.com for more information.